Guide to beaches near the hotel

Guide to beaches
Guide to beaches near the hotel

This is a list of the beaches near our hotel. We hope that during your visit you can enjoy the beautiful Guanacaste beaches and fall in love with this paradise:


Carrillo Beach: This beach is 700 meters away. Our favorite beach, it has an Ecological Blue Flag, ideal waves for bathers, lined with palm trees, there is a lot of shade, a lot of space to park your vehicles, crystalline sea and white sand. A place that inspires peace, tranquility and worthy to see the best sunsets. Road in perfect condition.

Sámara Beach: 7 km away. Here you can find delicious restaurants. The place is well-developed, but the white sand beach with little stone is kept very clean.

Towards the Nosara side:

Buena Vista Beach: 9.2 km away. It has brown sand, it has a lot of stone and an intermediate swell. The beach is surrounded by mountains that adorn the landscape.

Barrigona Beach: 23 km away. Although the road is not in the best condition, it can be reached by car. Another of our favorites, heavenly place, good waves, beautiful landscape, water crystalline. This beach is where actor Mel Gibson built his huge mansion.

Guiones Beach: 26.2 km away. Ideal for surfers, white sand, it is the busiest beach from the Nosara area, a lot of commerce and delicious restaurants.

Pelada Beach: 37 km away. Ecological Blue Flag, white sand, strong waves, more private than Guiones beach, beautiful landscape.

Towards the Punta Islita side

Punta Islita Beach: 8.3 km away. Gray sand, moderate swell.

Corozalito Beach: It is located 10.7 km away. Corozalito remains untouched for most of the year, provides good surfing conditions and Lora Turtles nest at certain times of the year. Corozalito Beach has light gray sand, has little stone and currently carries the Ecological Blue Flag, that is, it is a clean spot.

Bejuco Beach: 16.5 km away. Gray sand beach with little stone, dominated by strong waves suitable for surfing.

Playa San Miguel: 19.1 km away. Light gray sand, strong surf.

Playa Coyote: 23.6 km away. Gray sand, moderate swell.